Commission on the Status of Women; 9. – 20.03.2015

– UN Headquarter – New York, USA –


The fifty-ninth session of the Commission on the Status of Women will take place at United Nations Headquarters in New York from 9 to 20 March 2015. Representatives of Member States , UN entities, and ECOSOS-accredited non-governmental organizations (NGO)  from all regions of the world attend the session.

Mrs Taina Bien-Aimé, Executive Director of CATW (, will moderate following panel:

20 Years After Beijing: Prostitution, Sex Trafficking and the Question of Equality           New Voices, New Models, New Solutions 

Panelists are: Dr. Ingeborg Kraus (Initiator of the Appeal “Stop Sexbuying” of the German Trauma Experts), Rachel Moran (founder and director of SPACE INternational, Author of “Paid For: My Journey Through Prostitution”), Vednita Carter (also a “Survivor”, founder and directorof “Breaking Free” in Minnesota) und Dr. Melissa Farley (founder and director of “Prostitution Research and Education”).Please look here for further information:


International congress for the abolition of prostitution: Stop Sexbuying
From 5th until 7th of December 2014 in munich,
Schlierseestr. 47.

Why this congress?
During our intensive analysis of prostitution and society and in our efforts to find solutions that looks to women’s interests, we in KOFRA have
1. founded a working group
2. organized and hosted information and discussion events
3. begun networking on local, national and European level with organisations, groups and people who want the abolition of prostitution on the lines of the Swedish/Nordic model, the prohibition of the purchase of sex
Our view and our aim are based on the following analyses and perspectives:
1. Prostitution is an obstacle to equality
The sexual use of a woman’s body for money lastingly prevents equal relationships between the sexes. The existence of prostitution creates a male awareness, that the sexual use of women is purchasable and permitted by society. An equal relationship between men and women is precluded here, boys and men do not learn to adequately communicate with women, to cooperate, to agree on shared desires. Their own sexual wishes dominate, are viewed as legitimate, taught early and may at any time and in any form be satisfied, for a few euros. This locks both women’s and men’s roles in society in the traditional, hierarchical patterns of dominance and submission, that we all believed to be overcome.
2. Prostitution is violence against women
Women in prostitution experience the use of their bodies by unknown men between once and 20 to 30 times a day. Together with Sweden we view this reality as violence against women. An event offering information and raising awareness as regards the concrete situation of these women and the physical, psychological and mental consequences for them is absolutely necessary. Women who have succeeded in exiting prostitution are increasingly voicing their experiences. They report having to dissociate their feelings and reactions, having to function like a machine in order to go through the degradation and pains that they are subjected to by constant vaginal, anal and oral penetration. They report having learned this technique of dissociation through childhood violence. They hoped to finally gain control of the situation and thus power by repeating the trauma as an independent decision. The opposite then happens: the trauma is perpetuated by recurrent repetition.
In a society that denies women possibilities of jobs and satisfactory and adequately paid career choices that are compatible with their situations in life makes prostitution appear an easily accessible escape route: fast money when money is low, and the damages are denied.
The congress informs on the realities of prostitution, the high risks born by the women, the intense violence perpetrated by the punters. It counters the prostitution myths by reality and clarifies that the purchase of sex must not be legal.


In the Foyer:
Exhibition: Myths, Reality and the Consequences for the society
Films: Rita Knobel-Ulrich: “Trafficking in human beings in Europe”, Marion Leonie Pfeifer: “Time of the Nameless” a.o.
Informations, Books, Projects….

Friday, 5.12. 2014
17.00 to 21.00 o´clock in the plenary room:
Opening of the congress,
welcome to the guests and participants
words of welcome:
Mrs. Christine Strobl, 3. major of the City of Munich
Mrs Gunilla Ekberg, Swedish-Canadian human rights lawyer, activist and international ex- pert on human rights, gender equality, and trafficking in human beings.
Ms. Mary Honeyball, member of the European Parliament
Dr. Dorothee Schlegel, member of the German Parliament, SPD
Florence Hubert, Terre des Femmes
Pierrette Pape, European Women´s Lobby
Kathleen Barry, Abolish Prostitution Now
Lea Ackermann, Solwodi
Honoration of Alice Schwarzer and her great struggle against prostitution und pornography
Lecture on the reality and the risks of prostitution. The consequences on our societies, the destruction of gender equality (Dr. Anita Heiliger)
Speech of Dr. Kathleen Barry, Kalifornia/USA
Survivors of Prostitution speak about their fight against prostitution (Rachel Moran, and Tanja Rahm, SPACE International)
Performance of the radical group FEMEN
Filmspots: “Girls going wild in red light district” and “Campaign against prostitution”, EWL

21.00 to 23.00 launch-Room: Coming together

Saturday, 6.12.
9.30.00-17.30 o´clock workshops in Discussion Rooms:
9.30 – 12.30:
1. The Reality of Prostitution: Survivors tell the truth
Rachel Moran, Space International, Dublin
Tanja Rahm, Denmark
“Marie”, Germany
Jana Koch-Krawczak, Germany

2.The Swedish/model: what it is and how it works
Anna Skarhed, chancellor of justice, sweden
Gunilla Ekberg, lawyer, Swedish Government’s expert on prostitution and trafficking in human beings.
Simon Häggström, police officer, Sweden
Agnete Ström, Kvinnefronten, norway

3. The Prostitutionlobby: myths and influences on the society
Dr. Inge Kleine, teacher and activist, munich
Sabine Constabel, social worker, Stuttgart
Chantal Louis, EMMA-journalist

4. Politicians for the criminalisation of the punter
Dorothee Schlegel, member of the german parliament, SPD
Mary Honeyball, EU Parliament, Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality
Isabel Fezer, Mayor of Stuttgart, FDP
Manuela Schon, LINKE, City of Wiesbaden

5. Law-Discussion: how to enforce the Nordic model in Germany?
Prof. Dr. Rahel Gugel, lawyer at the “Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg”
Prof. Dr. Susanne Nothhafft, lawyer at the catholic university of applied science,
Seyran Ates, advocat, Berlin

6. Men against Prostitution
Patric Jean, Zero Macho, France
Gerhard Schönborn, Zero Macho Germany
Tobias AIFF, Zero Macho Germany


7. Trauma. Traumatisation as cause and consequences of prostitution.
Dr. Muriel Salmona, Psychotraumatologin, Paris
Michaela Huber, Psychotraumatology, Kassel
Dr. Ingeborg Kraus, psychologist, Karlsruhe
Tanja Rahm, survivor and therapist, danmark

8. European Initiatives for the “nordic model”
Mary Honeyball, EU Parliament, Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality
Pierrette Pape, Policy Officer and Project Coordinator European Women’s Lobby, Brussels, “Brussels Call”
Rachel Moran, Survivor, SPACE international
Andrea Matolcsi, Equality Now, London
Anita Kienesberger, “Feministischer Diskurs”, Vienna, Austria, „Stopp Sexkauf“
Sandrine Goldschmidt, mouvement du nid, abolition 2012, France

9. Initiatives in Germany for criminalisation of the punter
Lea Ackermann, Solwodi, appeal “Mach den Schluss-Strich!“
Ulrike Maier, appeal of Karlsruhe
Alice Schwarzer/Chantal Louis, EMMA-appeal
Inge Hauschildt-Schön, Initiative against a mega brothel, Marburg
Inge Kleine, Abolition 2014, „Stop Sexkauf“

10. The perpective of the police regarding the criminalisation of the punters
Manfred Paulus, first detective inspector, decommissioned, Author, Ulm
Helmut Sporer, Judicial Police, Augsburg
Simon Häggström, police officer from the Prostitution Unit of the Stockholm Police, Sweden

11. The media and the criminalisation of the punter
Rita Knobel-Ulrich, Journalist, Filmproduction, Hamburg
Maria v. Welser, Journalist, Radio and televison, Hamburg
Chantal Louis, Journalist EMMA, Köln
Sabrina Hoffmann, Journalist Huffington Post, München

Plenary Diskcussion: Prostitution und Feminism
Kathleen Barry, San Francisco, Abolish Prostitution Now
Rachel Moran, Ireland, SPACE International
Agnete Ström, Norway, Kvinnefronten
Gunilla Ekberg, sweden, activist against prostitution in several countries

20-22.00: Launch Room, coming together, networking

Sunday, 7.12.2014

10-14.00 o´clock: plenary speeches and discussions about the consequences of the congress with all the representatives from the workshops (Mary Honeyball, Pierrette Pape, Chantal Louis, Dorothee Schlegel, Muriel Salmona, Helmut Sporer, Michaela Huber, Sabine Constabel, Patric Jean, Rachel Moran, Anna Skarhead, Ulrike Maier, Gunilla Ekberg, Lea Ackermann…)

Anton-Fingerle-Zentrum, Schlierseestraße 47, 81539 München

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