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International congress for the abolition of prostitution

Stop Sexbuying: From 5th until 7th of December 2014 in munich

Women in prostitution experience the use of their bodies by unknown men between once and 20 to 30 times a day. Together with Sweden we view this reality as violence against women. An event offering information and raising awareness as regards the concrete situation of these women and the physical, psychological and mental consequences for them is absolutely necessary. Women who have succeeded in exiting prostitution are increasingly voicing their experiences. They report having to dissociate their feelings and reactions, having to function like a machine in order to go through the degradation and pains that they are subjected to by constant vaginal, anal and oral penetration. They report having learned this technique of dissociation through childhood violence. They hoped to finally gain control of the situation and thus power by repeating the trauma as an independent decision. The opposite then happens: the trauma is perpetuated by recurrent repetition.

The congress informs on the realities of prostitution, the high risks born by the women, the intense violence perpetrated by the punters. It counters the prostitution myths by reality and clarifies that the purchase of sex must not be legal.

Following Panels on Saturday 6th address the Problem of Trauma and Prostitution:

The Reality of Prostitution: Survivors tell the truth: 

Rachel Moran, Space International, Dublin; Tanja Rahm, Denmark, “Marie”, Germany; Jana Koch-Krawczak, Germany. Moderation: Dr. Ingeborg Kraus, Germany.

Trauma. Traumatisation as cause and consequences of prostitution

Dr. Muriel Salmona, Psychotraumatologin, Paris: Michaela Huber, Psychotraumatology, Kassel; Dr. Ingeborg Kraus, psychologist, Karlsruhe; Tanja Rahm, survivor and therapist, danmark. Moderation: Dr. Ingeborg Kraus, Germany.

 You can read the whole program here:  conception for a congress against prostitution.2.

Trafficking, Prostitution and Inequality: A Public Lecture by Catharine MacKinnon

Catharine MacKinnon is an american lawyer, teacher and radical feminist activist. In her visiting lecture to University of Chicago Law School, Professor MacKinnon talks about consequences and significance of the systematic maltreatment of women, her experiences in india, the swedish model and why legalizing prostitution is a failed experiment.

You can read her text here.