The Situation of Prostitution in Colombia

The main radio station of Colombia dedicated an entire radio program to the situation of prostitution in Colombia, Friday, 6th of June 2018. Ingeborg Kraus has been also interviewed and she made it very clear that the legalization and regulation of prostitution, as we have experienced it in Germany, is not a solution at all, the nordic model is the most effective legislationYou can listen to the entire Radio Program in Spanisch here: Radio Colombia 08.06.2018

Beginning of the year, our group wrote a letter to the constitutional court in Colombia in order to support the nordic model. Here an abstract of it:  «We would like to support the Constitutionality challenge raised by the Colombian citizens above mentioned and invite the Constitutional Court to go beyond these challenges related to the decriminalization of women in prostitution. The German experience has enough evidence as to what happens when governments try to regulate the behaviour of brothels and sex buyers, decriminalizing the exploitation of the prostitution of others and trafficking in persons for this purpose by leaving all the responsibility of sexual exploitation on the victims of this gender based violence.»

And here the supportive letter from our group: letter to the constitutional court of Colombia